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Hugging on Top of Hill

Ceremonies acknowledging life’s transitions are a celebration or gathering telling us that we are leaving something old and starting something new. We focus our energy on the moment and the possibility of what is to come. Whether the occasion is born out of joy or is a transition from a difficult time, it is the point at which we choose to move forward and step into the space of what can be.

Life’s transitions mark the passing of a time, ceremonies are the sacred markers of what has taken place, and what will be taking place. The ceremony can be simple or detailed, reflecting what is meaningful to you and those you choose to involve. It may be an occasion just for you, or to be shared with others and commemorate an event.

Transition ceremonies provide an opportunity to acknowledge what was, what is and what might be. They may have involved a healing journey, a period of growth or a new awakening. As we live, learn and experience life, there are a multitude of transitions that we go through.

Consider a transition ceremony to mark space and time within your life. From where you have come to where you are now. Talk to me about what is possible. Journey With Me to create something truly special.

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