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A renewal of vows ceremony is for any couple that wish to celebrate renewing their marriage vows, in a ceremony that is unique to them. Whether it is 2, 5 or 50 years together, you can proclaim it to your nearest and dearest. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to each after a significant event or difficult journey. This is your opportunity to create a ceremony that  can reflect on where you have come from and where you are now.

Wedding Confetti

Any married couple, of any age, and married for any length of time, can arrange a
Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony. It is individually crafted to reflect your wishes.
My job as the celebrant is to understand your vision, provide advice and resources in
constructing the ceremony and deliver a ceremony to remember.

Anyone can take part in the ceremony. You may like to include children, family or friends. Original wedding party members may add a touch of nostalgia or perhaps someone who was unable to come to the wedding at the time, can now play a part.

These ceremonies are not legally binding and can be held anywhere that has sentimental meaning for you both. The structure of the ceremony is only limited by your imagination. A welcome, stories about the couple, you can include readings or ceremonies within the ceremony.

You exchange vows, either recalling what you said when you were first married or writing new vows to reflect your relationship now. You can exchange
rings, which can be your current wedding rings. Guests can be involved in any way you would like.

Talk to me about what is possible!

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