Order of service

Order of service

Below is an example Order of Service. This is a guide to a basic, traditional order of service. Couples are welcome to add, change, reorder and/or omit any parts as long as the Monitum and minimum legal vows are said by the celebrant and the couple in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961.

Celebrant welcomes all the guests and provides any applicable housekeeping announcements (phones on silent, ‘unplugged’ info, what’s happening after the ceremony – group photo etc.)

The bride (or groom) walks down the aisle to music with the bridal party and nominated escort (father, mother etc.) Sometimes the bride and groom may choose to enter together.

Giving Away
If desired, the bride can be given away. Traditionally the father gives the bride away but the bride can choose her mother, a sibling, a friend…anyone! An alternative option here is a family blessing/acknowledgement, where the parents of both the bride and groom are asked to confirm their love and support of the marriage.

The celebrant welcomes everyone, talks about love, the meaning of marriage and the couple’s story. The welcoming can include any particular thanks (parents, people who have travelled) and acknowledgements (loved ones who are no longer with us or absent family and friends).

The couple may choose to include some readings or poems. These can be read either by the celebrant or a guest, or even the bride or groom.

Rituals/Blessings/other ceremonies.
The couple may include any particular wedding rituals or blessings. These can be traditional, religious or multicultural.

The legal wording from the Marriage Act 1961, stated by the celebrant.

The Asking
This is where the celebrant asks the couple to confirm their intentions to marry. It’s the non-legal part that ends with the couple saying “I do!” or “I will!”

The couple state their vows to each other (including the legal minimum vows from the Marriage Act 1961).

Ring Exchange
The couple usually exchange rings, often accompanied by a short ring verse.

The Declaration
The celebrant concludes and announces the couple as husband and wife or their preferred names. If the couple would like they can kiss!

Signing of the Register
The couple sign their wedding documents with their celebrant and two witnesses.

The celebrant presents the newly married couple. You can decide how you would like to be introduced.

The couple walk back down the aisle to music, sometimes followed by their bridal